Complete style guide for petite women

If your height is between 5’4″ and 5’3″, you are at the limit between the petite size and the standard size. If you measure less than 5’3″, then you will most likely need a small size. This means that your challenge is doubled, as small size measurements for most brands are made according to the proportion of 5’4″ (sometimes 5’3″) height models.

Think of it this way: a small woman, less than five feet tall is at least four inches shorter than the average small size, so you can imagine how different the fit would be. For me, women less than five feet tall should have another size that we could call “extra-small,” to fit them well.

While we can’t create a brand overnight to suit women under 5’0″, from our petite clothing store, and in this post in particular, we have some suggestions on how to dress if you’re less than five feet tall.

Basic principles:

For us, small women, because of our smaller structures, we tend to have not only shorter legs but also shorter arms and a shorter neck. This means that our goal must be to extend them using an available style.

First and foremost, your goal must be to extend

How is this achieved? Now, before talking about specific tips and tricks, you only need to remember one thing: vertical lines “extend”.

When you add a vertical line to your body, you’re creating an illusion of length, and it makes you look taller and longer.

The one-piece suit like the petite dresses (singularly the petite maxi dresses) and the petite jumpsuit is your most loyal companion because they build a constant vertical line.

Below, Nicole Richie wears a maxi length dress in the shape of an H. Would you dare to say that she only measures 5’0″? Well, yes! It measures a meter and a half, and it doesn’t look like it.

Secondly, the proportion is critical

If we say that someone looks tall or short, it’s relative. What that means is that, in the image, the proportion is everything. We can’t change our stature, obviously, but we can do a lot “to improve” our proportion and look high.

Like the previous celebrity, some very graceful women have been blessed with straightforward proportions to stylize, that is, their legs are long about their height (read my article on the proportion of legs). They are considered petite women with long legs.

Are you one of them? If you are, then you’re lucky! If you’re not, don’t worry, most of us fall into the normal range. That’s why I wrote this article.

Now, let’s see how to create the best proportion through the original style.

Use a short top with a long bottom.

If you are shorter than five feet tall, the way to increase your ratio is to focus on making your lower part (legs) look longer, and your upper part (torso) look shorter.

The easiest way to do this is to use a short upper and a long length bottom.

Your bottom could be; long trousers or long skirts. Ideally, the top should look like 1/3 and the bottom like 2/3. This is the best ratio, the so-called “golden mean”, which is the most pleasing to human eyes. This is Vanessa Hudgens, one of our favourite celebrities. She is 5’1″ and is a dress teacher for the best proportion!

Mix the colour of your pants with the colour of your shoes

If you’re wearing petite jeggings, matching the shade of your shoes to the tone of your pants will make your legs look longer.

This applies to winter petite tights. Wearing tights that match either the colour of your skirt or dress and wearing shoes or petite boots of the same colour will instantly make you look taller.

If you wear a dress with bare legs, then bare heels (or high heels that look more like the colour of your skin) do an incredible job of extending your legs. If a short woman can only have a few shoes, they must be naked! If she has light skin, the bare bombs literally look like an extension of her legs.

Wear a long dress

This sounds counter-intuitive, as quite a few people consider maxi dresses to be quite tricky for petite girls to wear: Yes and no.

Yes, because short women (especially if they are less than five feet tall) have a shorter frame, so it is simple to be overwhelmed by each and every one of the canvases of the long petite dresses.

Maxi dresses create a continuous column of colour, like each and every one of the dresses. Better yet, it extends to practically the sole of the feet. Therefore, visually, it can make you look taller and make your small structure look longer.

There are many things that a little chick should pay attention to when wearing a maxi, and I have another blog post dedicated to that “How to wear Petite Maxi dresses” as well as “Where to buy Maxi dresses for short women“.

In a few words, the key so that the petite women are not overwhelmed by the maxi dress is to go with solid colours or small prints.

The use of petite maxi dresses with flat shoes or sandals is really good. However, if you want the most lengthening effect, you should use them with heels. This is one of the occasions when you can use heels or platform wedges as much as you want. Because the dress is so long that it covers the heels, absolutely no one can tell if your shoes are significant or not.

The best shoes for women under five feet

For petite women with small feet, high-heeled shoes are undoubtedly a need for clothing.

The best pumps for petite girls must have low vamps. What is flat vamp? Without going into the theoretical aspect of the definition, have you seen those shoes that show a bit of cleavage in the toes? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

The lower the vamp, the less cutlery your feet are going to be. Consequently, the longer your legs are going to be.

Many of the major shoe brands have genuinely mastered this kind of design, so you get the feeling that more expensive shoes make your legs look better!

That doesn’t mean you have to spend 600 Pounds on two Louboutins if you want a pair of low vamp shoes.

Beware of Platform Shoes

If you’re less than five feet tall, it seems like the simplest way to incorporate multiple inches at a time is to put on platform shoes. For most people, including myself (when I was twenty), it sounds like something that doesn’t go through their heads.

Does it really work?

I talked about how looking high vs low is all relative based on proportions. This is just a visual game of doing tricks with human eyes.

If the platform is so thick that the bottom of the shoes looks voluminous, it actually makes the legs look shorter. That removes the five inches the shoes have added to your height. So what’s the point of wearing them?

Don’t misrepresent me, I think there are times when platform shoes are needed for multiple reasons.

For example, on my wedding day, I wore platform shoes so that I could see myself higher in the photographs. Above all, they gave me the comfort of standing all day and dancing at night!

Therefore, you CAN use platform heels but only avoid the super large ones.

Use the cleavage design to extend the neck.

The V-neck and off-shoulder are universally flattering for small ones less than five feet tall.

The deep V-neck walks on virtually all small women of any height and body type. The space they create near their neck fundamentally makes their neck look longer and makes their proportion look better.

Exposed shoulders is another design that has occupied the centre stage of fashion in recent years. If you happen to be pear-shaped, the sky tells you to look. Because of the pear shape, women tend to have sloping shoulders and broader backgrounds, which can be perfectly balanced by the horizontal line created by the shoulder.

Where to buy petite jeans and shorts

I mentioned at the beginning how difficult it is to get clothes if you are less than five feet tall. I can’t emphasize enough that your best option is to buy small brands rather than a regular department. For dresses, skirts and tops, you may be able to locate what suits you. The hardest thing is probably the jeans or the pants, as it requires an extra short crotch length. Consequently, I have put together another article to bring together each and every one of the brands in which you can locate new short petite jeans.

At, we also have pants and jeans for petite women of your stature. If your crotch is from 24″ to 25″, you can use it without hemming or rolling it up.

Invest in a good tailor

I am a huge believer that small women should try to locate small sizes that are made for shorter women and that are less dependent on tailors. The reason is that certain things in clothing cannot be disturbed, or else, they could be absurdly expensive if you have to modify them. Examples include if your shoulders are too broad or if your dress bodice is uncomfortable. Fixing those aspects of the garment is like reconstructing the clothing, even if the tailor can do it, the cost is going to be high and not worth it.

That said, there are certain things tailors can change quickly, and having a reliable tailor that you can always and at all times attend is an essential backup alternative. This is uniquely true when he’s less than five feet tall, as even the small-size clothes he buys probably don’t fit well. If you can locate a good local tailor, you can trust, that will give you considerably more options.

There aren’t many retailers with either pants or new short crotch jeans that you can wear, and I’ve summarized that information in “Recommended Brands. If your twenty-four-inch crotch is still too long for you, you can easily send it to your tailor or even the dry cleaner and fold it to fit your height.

Style icons with less than five feet High

Having a style icon, or a model to follow, helps you to understand how other small ones of similar stature dress and inspire themselves. You may not need to copy their appearance, the more they will show you what’s going on and what’s not.

My personal favourite for women under five feet is Russian Mira Duma. I don’t know exactly how tall she is since she’s not anywhere on the official list, but she could be 4’10 or 4’11.

I advise her because of how versatile her style is. No matter what your personal style is, you can find inspiration in sure of her styles. If you like polished feminine styles, it has a lot of glamorous costumes that you can copy. If you want neutral styles, she’s the teacher of trouser suits. If you like the casual style, you’ll find her with T-shirts and jeans.

Trust your own style.

Okay, this isn’t really styling advice, but it’s undoubtedly more essential than any styling advice on the planet. Nothing makes a lady more attractive than trust.

Sammie, previously mentioned is 4’8″, an aspiring actress and blogger who lives in the city of Los Angeles. She said on her YouTube channel how people sometimes approached her and mocked her height on her face. And, he doesn’t talk about what happened in high school. This can occur in a restaurant or at the airport.

Has this happened to you before? If so, in what way has it harmed you?

Of course, I can understand that anyone would be upset if that happened to them. Absolutely nobody likes to be teased about their size, anatomical shape or weight. But you can choose to let it go and not let it put you in a bad mood.

Nothing is more sensual than a woman comfortable in her skin.

You’re as good as you are, and you shouldn’t look like anyone else. When you come to admit yourself as you are, then nothing can prevent you from feeling secure and beautiful.

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