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All the tips and tricks you can apply from today.

One day, I desperately looked for advice on how to dress if you are petite after checking, once again, that almost nothing I had bought online fit me. Searching and searching, I realised how many short women’s clothes there are and, above all, how many tips and tricks for short women are scattered in a thousand websites. I thought: how I haven’t fallen into all this before, why not join everything I’m learning for more short women who are as lost as I am?

How to dress if you are short

Well, here it is. And first of all, get out of the way. We all have a style that feels like death. And just because we’re under 5’4″ doesn’t mean that our short form has to be heeled and so cute. The trick, as in everything, is to find our strengths (yes, we short women have them) and make the most of them.

Because, believe it or not, the “what do I wear” of every morning has an easy answer.

How to dress if you are short: what clothes favour short women?

Yes, it is desperate to end up in the children’s section because the women’s division doesn’t have a single garment in your size. Dresses with so much fabric that it gives you to make a scarf. Coats that make you look like Hagrid from Harry Potter in a mini version.

Forget that the solution is to spend hours fixing the clothes. Nor do you want to wear high heels that will destroy your feet and knees at the end of the day. What you need is to look good while feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing.

If you’re short like me, petite fashion is your solution. And in this section, I bring you looks in which you will only find petite clothes. Small sizes that don’t necessarily ask for a wasp waist. The petite garments are designed for the many short women who do not reach 1.60 cm.

The quick and easy checklist to dress up if you are short

  • Mini skirts and shorts: better if they are high waist
  • Dresses: knee length maximum or long dresses around the ankle
  • Tops: best if they have V-shaped, U-shaped, boat necks, straps or words of honour
  • Pants, long and cute skirts: the ones that best suit the short ones are the high waist, straight cut and ankle length.
  • Colours: single-colour garments are always more stylish and of course, black wins by a landslide.
  • Prints: vertical striped garments and garments with small prints.
  • Heels: elongated, platform and nude coloured
  • Accessories: small size

Mini skirts and shorts

We Start with the length, it’s clear that miniskirts and shorts have always been our forte. You don’t have to have extra long legs to wear a miniskirt or shorts. And this is one of the leading garments that feel even better on the short ones. If you want to dress modern and daring without any complex, these two clothes cannot be missing from your wardrobe.


Dresses or skirts look better if they are knee-high at most. Clothing that is below the knee shortens the leg and gives an ugly visual effect. Contrary to what many may think, long dresses are not forbidden in our closet.

A long dress that is not too wide and does not cover the top too much is an excellent choice for dressing well. V-necks and thin straps are all excellent choices. If, besides, they mark a waist and are straight or fitted, better than better. If you were looking for evening dresses for short women, here you have some maxi dresses from the petite collection that, besides, do not need to be shortened.


Also keep a note of your high-waisted pants, overalls and straight pants or cigarette on your wishlist. These give more verticality to the figure making your legs look longer.

Which prints are best for dressing up as a short woman?

If we’re talking about prints, the simpler and smaller the better, big prints, like big accessories, are not suitable for us. And if you opt for single-colour garments, you can create single-colour or monochrome outfits on top and bottom that stylise the figure.

Although to lengthen the figure, our friends indeed, the vertical stripes are the most. Besides, they are your perfect ally to dress up—a must-have in any wardrobe of short women who want to dress well, no, incredible.

What shoes do I wear if I’m short?

If you are one of those short women who get tired of heels as I do and dressing casual calls you more, the best thing is to choose shoes, sandals or slippers with a bit of platform. Not too much, which then we look like the Bratz. About 2-3 cm is more than enough to stylise your legs and be comfortable all day long.

There are all kinds of shoes with platforms now. In summer, espadrilles are the most popular because they are often much more comfortable than flat sandals or more formal shoes such as manoletinas. Of course, the platform sandals and the comfortable wedges are a definite yes I want in our summer looks.

In winter, we play with an advantage because most of the winter shoes and boots come reinforced with thick soles and some heel. We even find boots and sneakers with the wedge heel already integrated inside.

Something that is very appreciated and hidden, but not to be abused if you do not want people to wonder why when the heat comes, you decrease as if by magic.

Comfortable heels that stylise your legs

If you are one of those who cannot live without heels and you are light-skinned, choose nude coloured ones to have them as a background for your wardrobe. This colour never fails to blend with our skin, giving the impression of having longer legs.

The short ones usually have small feet, according to our size. Therefore, another trick to lengthen the legs and the foot is to wear pointed shoes and as open as possible.

Don’t go for the highest heels you can find because all they do is create health problems in your feet, knees and the occasional stumble. Depending on the length of your leg, some will fit better than others, but I recommend that you don’t go higher than 7-8 cm.

Also be careful with heels with a strap on the ankle because they can give the feeling of shortening rather than lengthening the leg. You can wear heels all night long to dress up and then find out that it reduces your leg, it doesn’t.

How do you dress with accessories if you’re short?

Remember what we were saying about small, discreet prints? Well, with accessories, three-quarters of the same thing. The lower the accessories, the better.

As much as maxi hats become fashionable, we don’t want to look like a mushroom. No matter how much the maxi bags are all over the place, we don’t want to look like a little girl who goes camping every day of the week either.

It’s not that discreet accessories like small earrings, discreet rings, mini bags and small backpacks are our thing because we can’t carry others. It’s that small accessories fit us beautifully, and we look so much better than anyone else.

Can you dress well if you’re short? Definitely, yes.

Are you short? Out of complexes

The obsession with gaining a few more inches than we short women often have has to end. Each woman has her ups and downs.

You’d think that tall women, models and influencers could wear any clothes and be so cute. Well, none of that. Behind a magazine or Instagram photo, there is a lot of work behind: a lot of style selection, postures, hundreds of photos, and image retouching (and I don’t mean the scalpel retouching of the beloved Photoshop).

Dressing up is easy if you want

Not all clothes are made for all body types. So, the first thing to do to dress well is to look only at what fits your body. Not what fits your friend or your neighbour. You’ll be surprised at the things that fit the shortest of us.

The fundamental trick to dressing well is to know which parts of your body you should enhance, what kind of clothes and shapes fit you best and how to combine colours in your wardrobe according to the temperature and luminosity of your skin, eyes and hair.

Seems easy? Well, it has more crumbs than you think. If you are interested in knowing how to dress well when you are short, look around here because I have a thousand ideas and tips only suitable for short people.

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