What I think about size petite and how I ended up loving it

Many people know what plus size is, but if we go to the other extreme, the term “petite” (which means small in French) is not one that is in the common vocabulary, even for those of us who are, like me.

I have to confess that for years I was not happy with being petite. When I was very young I didn’t have such a problem with fashion, because I shopped in the girls’ section, but eventually I realized that I couldn’t go on wearing clothes for girls of 12 forever.

Now I am 25 years old and although fortunately today’s teens already dress very cool and I can find clothes that I like in their department, it is still complicated to get clothes that fit me 100%.

What is being petite?

For me being petite is having a small body, let’s say we have a small structure and people keep telling us: “girl, where is your mum?” It’s not a joke, that’s exactly what happened to me, and although at first it was depressing, now it makes me laugh.

Or the time when a man asked me what year of high school I was studying, and I was like, “mmmm, I’m almost done with my degree”. And how can I forget when I used to order taxis in university and was asked “Do your parents teach here?”

All the hassles are behind me and now I am – proudly and happily – a petite with style, despite the adversities the world puts me through.

How do I do it? I only love myself as I am and I look for advantages to bring out my little body.

I love being petite, but there are limitations to this love.

Everything I dislike about being petite has to do with clothes. Finding clothes that fit my body, especially when there aren’t many brands that are for petites like me. My only hope is to resort to buying online.

For example, when I want a pair of skinny jeans that fit my waist, they usually fit me well, they put everything in place, but if we talk about the length, well, with what I have left over we could measure the Chinese Wall twice.

It’s a nightmare: having to fold them from below about three times, take them to the tailor to have them fixed, or even the cropped jeans that are supposed to go above my ankle are normal. And don’t get me started on the mom jeans, I haven’t found a single pair… not one, that fits perfectly.

And we continue with the fashion drama…

The maxi dresses or jumpsuits always fit me extremely long, yes or yes. In addition, many petite women have narrow shoulders and small arms, so jackets or coats look huge on us and ruin the style we had thought of a day before. The same applies to dresses. Have you tried on a dress in your size that fits like a curtain? Now you know how I feel most of the time… let’s cry together.

Anything else? Yes, our little torso. The clothes don’t fit well at our waist and the clothes that are supposed to be oversized, well, they fit three times as big.

The advantages of being Petite size

It took me a while, but in the end I learned to love my delicate little body. Yes, I look less intimidating, but that has helped me at times. High heels are my best friends, although I don’t wear them often, and they make me feel like a super powerful girl when I walk. I can get in between people very easily and find escape routes.

Another point in favour of my size is that I read that petite people are more sensitive to alcohol, so we can spend much less on booze, than some of our taller friends. Everything counts!

People around me like me to be petite. They compliment me and make me feel comfortable. I’m always the “baby” and the one who has to be carried when we’re in a car and there’s a shortage of seats. For some people this may be terrible, but I enjoy it.

The most fascinating advantage is that I look younger than I am. Petite people have the formula of youth!

Hey, here we are, Petite do exist

If you ask me, the fashion industry should pay more attention to petite people. Don’t leave us aside, designers.

Although some brands are already implementing smaller sizes in their collections, then we find to our surprise that they do not use petite models in their campaigns, so we cannot see how the clothes look on someone who is not 1.80, nor has magazine proportions.

If more brands started to make products for all types of bodies and use models that have different proportions in their campaigns, the world would go in the right direction.

If you’re petite, you’ve been through all this and you’re not alone, this is the beginning of the revolution. After all, as my granny says, “The greatness of a woman is not measured from her feet to her head, but from her head to the sky”.

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