Petite Clothing

Aren´t you tired looking for the correct size store after store? The bottoms of the pants can be corrected, and the heels help us to stylise, but there is much more to understand about it and perhaps you did not know. Do not worry that from we will help you, both to understand more about petite size and to find the perfect clothes.

Hi, I’m Paola, and I want to welcome you to this online clothing store specializing in small size. is a space where I will help you choose your clothes, tell you my experiences and how I solved some of the most common problems that have petite women.

I have been petite for 25 years, so I have a lot of experience, hahaha. Stay with me so that you can see all the categories of petite clothing that I bring for you.

Online shopping has revolutionized our world, do not be afraid to buy all these products. I hope you enjoy this trip, where I will let you enter my world petite and teach you to get the best version of you.

Petite clothing online shop

Fashion, in general, was made thinking of a stereotype of tall, thin women, the perfect model.

All these models are erroneous; real women have curves, smaller stature, an endless number of different characteristics. It is why many of us do not fit in this type of clothing.

When I was younger, I was very self-conscious because of my height, I felt inferior to other girls, and I hated shopping.

Even I had to buy small clothes, in the section for girls, which I ended up hating. Children’s clothes are not for women after this bought my clothes, a couple of larger sizes and sent them to adjust, this is expensive and wears a lot.

This problem accompanied me for many years of my life, the solution, although it seems more than obvious was to buy petite clothes. But if you are less than 5.3′, you will know that finding these clothes is not an easy task.

I found my best ally, in designs, variety and size petite in Amazon. I stopped suffering; now I can save money buying cheap my petite garments, all purchases are made online with the security that Amazon gives me.

Where to buy petite clothes online

The answer to this question is straightforward: in this online store, you will find all categories of clothing and accessories in small size that you can buy in the market. From glasses to shoes, in this online store, we dress you from the feet to the head, visit all our sections, safe shopping and very economical.

Buy now all your products in the best shop petite online.

Why buy clothes in petite size?

The most logical thing when we go to buy clothes, is that this one is of our size, everybody buys clothes adapted to their measure. We also have the right to buy clothes to measure, that fits us well and makes us feel good.

The hem is a total nightmare, whether in the hands or ankles, the excess of fabric in these parts makes us look bad, messy and shorty, so finding stores that sell clothes petite is a total relief.

Custom clothing have embellishing effects for all of us, there are many models, but the main characteristic of these is that they give us a visual lengthening. Our body will look more symmetrical, and therefore we will look thinner and more sophisticated.

I could stay here talking only about why, they are infinite, maybe don’t believe me, that’s why I want you to see it and check it for yourself.

I was also sceptical with the clothes, I was very pessimistic, and I believed that everything was always going to look bad. But once I bought these products, my thinking changed completely, so, without more, I invite you to search and don’t be afraid to purchase petite clothes.

What petite size means?

It’s curious how the standard size for women’s clothes takes a height of 5’5″ as a reference, so that any shorter woman will not look good with these garments. But that’s not all, since the circumferences of the bust, the length of the sleeves, crotch, vertical body and back measures take a height of 5’5″ as a reference.

People think that any garment can be adapted, for example, by slightly modifying the sleeves of a blouse. However, most of the people doesn’t know that the area between the chest and waist would continue to be longer than it should and therefore would continue to look bad.

Regarding design, petite clothing should have a different design from tall women, since elements such as vertical stripes, princess seams, short skirts or large patterns will create a taller and more stylised woman effect.

For tall women, the clothing usually have designs that shorten the figure, such as horizontal lines or mid-length skirts. Even if the measurements are adjusted, a garment designed for tall women may be unfavourable for a petite woman.

Interestingly, there are a lot of women who wear (or should wear) petite size on their clothes:

  • In the United States, 40% of the total number of women measures 5.3′ or less and approximately 25% measures 5.1′ or less.
  • In the United Kingdom, much of Europe and Australia the standard height varies between 5.0′ and 5.6′, however, standard clothing uses as a pattern a woman of 5.5′ height leaving a large part of women out of the ideal proportions.

Do you wonder then why you don’t make more petite clothes? According to the studies of the brands, the women who invest more money in clothes are precisely those of the standard size 5.5′.

There is no more to say 😠