How to dress smart and stylish if I’m petite

The best fashion and styling tips for petite women – impact your radiant style no matter how tall you are!

Think about it, when it comes to dressing up, the colours, textures and prints we wear on our clothes play a key role. Especially when you’re a short woman, a petite girl.

One of my best styling tricks is to bet everything on a single colour and do it, moreover, with simple cut garments.

Being a short woman does not mean giving up certain silhouettes, but adapting them so that they do not go against you. If you are going to bet on a slightly wider than usual garment, do not forget to show some skin to provide balance.

How to dress smart and stylish if I'm petite

Think about your proportions

Select two smart pieces that fold at the waist. This will help stylize your figure with an effect that will favor your silhouette. Structured skirts or blazers will be your best friends, as will high-waisted trousers. Combine them with unprinted blouses. It is better to always opt for plain clothes.

Wear skirts or dresses that are above the knee

Midi and maxi skirts can be really complicated to wear if you are a petite woman, as they will make you look shorter. Solve the problem by selecting a skirt that shows a little more legroom and use styles with more movement (flared or skater styles are best) to lengthen the legs even more.

What if I want to wear a long skirt? Avoid wearing large or thick shoes

As a general rule, short women should avoid large or thick shoes, as these will quickly attract attention to the feet and we don’t want this to be the most attractive feature of your appearance. Heels with an ankle strap are fine, as long as the strap is thin and delicate, or you can choose a relaxed sandal to match the outfit you’re wearing.

Say no to oversized trousers

If you’re small by nature, then the large, baggy fabric will make your figure look even smaller. If you can, look for petite trousers that fit your figure better and are better suited to your needs. If you don’t find a small style that you like, choose ankle-high and tight shorts that you can combine with a beautiful medium-heeled shoe. You’ll look fabulous!

Wear short boots

Because you are short-legged, boots that reach the knees do not favor you at all. Instead, choose short boots that combine very well with all those above-the-knee skirts we have recommended, and on very special occasions, you can also wear skirts a little above the knee with this type of boot. This will show off your beautiful legs and create the effect of a more stylish figure.

If you wear a long dress, make sure it has an opening

A dress with a side opening will counteract the blocky and sloppy feeling that this type of dress can create, giving more definition and balance to smaller figures. This simple detail makes a big difference.

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